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Bright Aura™ Smart Cupper

Bright Aura™ Smart Cupper

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Empower your wellness journey with Bright Aura™ Smart Cupper. Achieving the utmost in pain and muscle tension relief, blood circulation, and muscle recovery.

Our smart cupper technology is integrated with:

  • Precise control of suction strength and intensity
  • Therapeutic heat
  • Red light therapy



Standard Features:

  • LCD interface with clearly labeled buttons for adjusting suction and heating settings and pressure release.
  • 3 hour battery life; 4 hour USB-C charging
  • Materials are ABS and silicone

Base Model:

  • Suction Settings: 6 levels of suction strength
  • Heating Settings: 6 levels of heating ranging from 0°F - 100°F 

Pro Model:

  • Suction Settings: 12 levels of suction strength
  • Heating Settings: 12 levels of heating ranging from 0°F  to 122°F


Orders placed with Free Shipping usually take 3-5 business days in transit. Please allow approximately 12-48 hours for order quality check, processing, and tracking information.

Bright Aura™ offers hassle-free returns within 30 days of delivery. 

If you feel that something is wrong with your order, contact support at and we'll provide you with an immediate solution.


Is Bright Aura™ Smart Cupper safe?

Absolutely! Our devices are equipped with 20 minute timed releases to prevent overuse, alongside a convenient single-press instant release option in case the pressure becomes uncomfortable.

However, we advise individuals with preexisting health conditions or those using medical devices to consult with their physician before engaging in any form of therapy, including cupping.

Is it easy to use by yourself?

With just four buttons, you can control all the beneficial functions of our cuppers. Bright Aura™ Smart Cupper stands out as the most effective solution for relieving tension and enhancing long-term health at home.

Is it safe to use on multiple people?

If you allow other people to use the same Bright Aura™ Smart Cupper, make sure to clean with a disinfectant wipe or an alcohol base solution after every use. But there are no major worries when it comes to sharing the device with others.

Will it hurt or damage my skin?

Beginning at a low level is ideal for beginners and poses no risk of discomfort or permanent skin damage. Over time, you may observe temporary red circular marks on your skin, which are indicative of the effectiveness of our devices.

Be sure to properly sanitize before each session and avoid using on broken skin (cuts, open wounds, etc.).

How long will the marks last?

With extended use, you may notice the classic red circle bruises on your skin, this is temporary and indicates the effectiveness of our devices.

These marks will gradually disappear within a few days and they are nothing to worry about! It will take up to a week for the markings to completely disappear.

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